• Ninjago247season4or5

    ninjago season 4 

    episode 1 a normal world ninjago is nomal again lyyoda is with his dad an the ninja are traing to discover the power of there true elemeantal power 

    a secert wepeon garmdon has a secert wepaon for when he turned good it would activate and realease evil robots

    episdoe 3 a new world betrail garmdon tells llyoda about the robots but tells him to ay nothing

    episode 4 a secert and turst and robots

    robots rampage the city and thee ninja use zane s powers to ttry to stop them zanes powers upgrade his suits to robotic suits

    episode 5 new plan and power after the ninja use zanes powers they get new wepons and get a new ship called the robotic bounty

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  • James is cool

    NinJago Video Game

    August 22, 2012 by James is cool

    1 Samukai

    Playble Kai Sensei Location 4 Weapons Monastary Boss Samukai

    2 Ambush

    Playable Kai Sensei Boss Jay Cole Zane Monastery

    3 Caves Of Despair

    Playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Boss Dragon Samukai ccaves Of Despair

    4 Lightning and Snow

    Playable Jay Cole Kai Zane Boss Samukai Locations Snow Mountain Lightning Peak

    5 Fire Temple

    Playble Kai Cole Jay Zane Sensei Nya Boss Garmadons Shadow Samukai Locations Fire Temple Truck

    6 Unde The World

    Playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Sensei Boss Samukai Garmadon Locations Underworld

    1 Lloyd

    playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Locations Dragons Gemonikai Village Boss Lloyd Snakes

    2 The junkyard

    Playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Sensei Location Motorcycles Bounty Boss Snakes

    3 Can Of Worms

    Kai Lloyd Zane Cole Boss Pythor Samurai Locations Bounty …

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  • Tlsonic

    NinjaGo: PWR Ninjas

    August 3, 2012 by Tlsonic

    The new clothes for Ninjas.

    The PWR Ninjas

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  • Tlsonic

    NinjaGo Season 3 (4)

    May 9, 2012 by Tlsonic

    Season 3 (4)

    The five Ninjas: Cole, Jay, Zane, Kai and Lloyd

    Nya, Misako, Garmadon, Sensei Wu and Dr. Julien

    The evil snake army

    Kai's girlfriend

    The evil ninja robot and robots

    The evil Shadow Ninja

    The evil new villain

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