1 Samukai

Playble Kai Sensei Location 4 Weapons Monastary Boss Samukai

2 Ambush

Playable Kai Sensei Boss Jay Cole Zane Monastery

3 Caves Of Despair

Playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Boss Dragon Samukai ccaves Of Despair

4 Lightning and Snow

Playable Jay Cole Kai Zane Boss Samukai Locations Snow Mountain Lightning Peak

5 Fire Temple

Playble Kai Cole Jay Zane Sensei Nya Boss Garmadons Shadow Samukai Locations Fire Temple Truck

6 Unde The World

Playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Sensei Boss Samukai Garmadon Locations Underworld

1 Lloyd

playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Locations Dragons Gemonikai Village Boss Lloyd Snakes

2 The junkyard

Playable Kai Jay Cole Zane Sensei Location Motorcycles Bounty Boss Snakes

3 Can Of Worms

Kai Lloyd Zane Cole Boss Pythor Samurai Locations Bounty Caves The Lost City Of Oraboris

4 Tick Tock

Playable Zane Kai Lloyd Nya Samurai Cole Jay Boss Snakes Locations woods MM Amusment Park

5 All Of Nothing

Playable kai Lloyd Nya Cole Coles Dad Jay zane Boss Pythor locations Dance Place Fire Mountain Snake Sactum

6 The Great Devouer

Playable Garmadon Green ninja Kai Jay Cole Zane Boss Great devouer Pythor

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