• Ninjago247season4or5

    ninjago season 4 

    episode 1 a normal world ninjago is nomal again lyyoda is with his dad an the ninja are traing to discover the power of there true elemeantal power 

    a secert wepeon garmdon has a secert wepaon for when he turned good it would activate and realease evil robots

    episdoe 3 a new world betrail garmdon tells llyoda about the robots but tells him to ay nothing

    episode 4 a secert and turst and robots

    robots rampage the city and thee ninja use zane s powers to ttry to stop them zanes powers upgrade his suits to robotic suits

    episode 5 new plan and power after the ninja use zanes powers they get new wepons and get a new ship called the robotic bounty

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